In the middle of the city, the Stage, is all yours

Looking for the best place to practice your favorite sport in an exclusive and private setting?

We welcome all who love pole dancing, pole fitness, air sports, stage movement, yoga, Pilates, stretching, or HIIT training at our two Budapest locations. In addition, our rooms are perfect for professional practice or instruction in ballet, hip-hop, break dancing, tango, classical, or Latin dances.

In addition to sports and dance, our locations at Astoria and next to the Academy of Music provide the perfect venue for photography with lots of natural light.

Our rooms are designed to suit individual and group training and are ideal for hobby and professional photographers.  

A unique, hand-painted wall and special room lighting await visitors at The Stage's downtown location, where the training and photography experience is enhanced thanks to the huge windows, city lights, and professional sports equipment.

The Stage Lounge and Stage Priveé are home studios next to the Academy of Music, where we have tried to maintain an urban character while creating multifunctional rooms that can be transformed into neo retro photo studios. Dimmable spaces, pull-down photo walls and neon LED lights provide an inimitable atmosphere.

Do you want to bring out the best in yourself?

Practice and workout with the Stage's

  • professional equipment, also ideal for preparing for pole dance competitions.

  • The room is available 24 hours a day thanks to our automatic access system 
  • and features smart lighting, digitally controlled sound, and heating technology smart. 
  • You can bring your own coach or we can help you find one. 
  • Our rooms are also perfect for group lessons and 
  • include 2 pieces of 4 meter racing pole, hammock, air gymnastics hoop...

Are you a photographer?
Stage awaits you too with: 

  • fast and easy online booking,

  • retractable photo walls at our Academy of Music location,

  • the possibility to completely darken the facility or set the lights to your desired preference.
  • You can choose between our modern industrial and urban retro rooms featuring,

  • unique design in exclusive environment with the inimitable charm of Astoria's hustle and bustle, 
  • you can take photos any time of day.

Do you crave sun-soaked yoga in the morning, or are you a fan of night-time pole dancing? Ensuring you have a good time at the Stage is our mission.

We provide a completely hygienic facility, a security camera system, a comfortable environment, and a cup of delicious Nespresso.